Once we have your site measurements and design brief we start out with basic layouts and discuss some options with the client. These designs are developed with the clients site, lifestyle, format (placement of doors windows etc) , style and budget in mind.

There are many factors to get the project right. The client selects a floor plan suitable to them.

Once the basic design is agreed we develop a site model and kitchen. At this stage the appliances are chosen to cater to their installation requirements. Components are agreed – we know where you want drawers, cupboards etc. Do you want a cupboard for saucepans or large drawers?

From this stage of the design our designers build a 3D model that starts out as a ‘wire frame’. At this stage we again meet for review. We know it can be hard to visualise your new kitchen based on a few drawings.

Once the client is agreed on the final design our interior consultants can help you with colours. The final renders are then offered which incorporate the colours, bench tops, appliances etc. You are now just a few days away from enjoying your new dream kitchen!