Planning is one of the most important stages of any project and this is especially true when it comes to ordering a kitchen. To help you in this planning stage we have compiled a checklist of questions to ask yourself before starting the planning process. Below we have demonstrated different stages of the planning stage.

  • Should I keep or replace my appliances?
  • What are my major needs in the kitchen?
  • Kitchen takes between 3-5 weeks to manufacture. How long will it take?
  • How long will I be with out a kitchen?
  • Do I need to change any thing structurally? Wall, doors or windows.
  • Would I like to manage some of the trade work? Such as plumbing, electrical or tiling.
  • Can I save money by installing my own kitchen?
  • What do I like or dislike about my existing kitchen?
  • Will the work have to be completed by a specific dead line?
  • What will my budget be for my kitchen?


When you have decided on what style of kitchen you require, we will design a floor plan and elevation plan using our latest computer soft ware.


Floor plan drawings will allow us to work together and make changes as we require. It will also provide 3D images of your future kitchen.


From the plan, a plumbing and electrical plan can be designed. The plumbing and electrical plan ensures coordination of all work to be carried out. Using State of the art software, a computer generated image of the kitchen can be produced which will take into account every detail of the room and the planned kitchen.


Room dimensions and characteristics can be reproduced and manipulated using our software. When the customer is satisfied with the plan, the kitchen can be ordered. The delivery time from order date is approximately 3-5 weeks. The duration of the fitting stage is usually 1 – 3 days and about 5 days for stone bench tops.